Bridges are an essential element of our nation’s infrastructure, and ensuring that they are safe is a top priority for all roadway users. With the limited funds available for bridge repair and replacement, the need is greater than ever to devise innovative, cost-effective, and sustainable solutions that keep our communities safe. To meet that need, Nitsch Engineering’s structural engineers are at the forefront of bridge engineering.

Improving Bridge Design

Our structural engineers have extensive experience in designing new bridges, rehabilitating existing bridges, providing NBIS bridge inspection, and performing bridge load ratings. As a result, we understand the key factors of a successful bridge program from early conceptual design through construction and inspection, whether for highways, railroads, or pedestrians.

  • Alternative Analysis
  • Condition Survey, Inspection, and Assessments
  • Bridge Design
  • Accelerated Bridge Construction (ABC)
  • Public Participation
  • Construction Administration
  • NBIS Bridge Inspection
  • Load Rating of In-Service Bridge