South Medford Connector Greenway

Medford, MA
Key Elements
  • Shared-use path
  • Path alignment alternative evaluation
  • Landscape-based stormwater management techniques

The Mystic River Watershed Association (MyRWA), in partnership with the City of Medford, received a 2017 Transportation Planning Grant from the Massachusetts Gaming Commission to support the feasibility study and conceptual design of a one-mile shared-use path along the Mystic River in South Medford. The shared-use path will be an extension to an existing path, providing a connection to Medford Square. The path will encourage healthy recreational activities and provide an alternative commuting option, helping to achieve the long-term goal of expanding the active transportation network along the Mystic River to improve the environment, mobility, and health outcomes for local and regional communities.

Nitsch led the team that supported MyRWA and the City to produce the feasibility study and conceptual design for the South Medford Connector. We evaluated path alignment alternatives while considering path geometry and safety, existing urban site constraints, permitting, and utilities, environmental, and cost impacts associated with the development of alternatives. Nitsch evaluated different structural options for elevating the path over an existing drainage culvert, as well as retaining wall and boardwalk options for minimizing environmental impacts along the Mystic River. We developed an alternatives matrix to help the City and MyRWA better understand the impacts of different alternatives. We also evaluated opportunities to stabilize eroded areas along the river’s edge and enhance existing drainage outfalls with landscape-based stormwater management techniques. 

Key Collaborators

Owners: Mystic River Watershed Association, City of Medford