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Green Infrastructure & Resilience

As climate change reshapes our communities, Nitsch is at the forefront of developing integrated solutions that respond to the changing rainfall and rising seas that increasingly impact our daily lives.

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Building More Resilient Communities

The Nitsch Resilience Planning & Design team delivers adaptable and multi-beneficial solutions for more sustainable and resilient communities. We leverage our diverse expertise – which includes civil engineers, environmental engineers, landscape designers, planners, and GIS specialists – to collaboratively develop holistic solutions in anticipation of continued climate change and other stressors that will impact our environment.

Nitsch has been a leader in sustainable site design since the ‘90s, and now leverages those decades of experience to design implementable green infrastructure and sustainable stormwater management systems that address resilience issues in thoughtful, cost-conscious, and context-sensitive ways. We apply a process of specific analysis and methods to directly meet our client’s needs, including visioning processes, risk and vulnerability assessments, reduction of impervious surfaces, stormwater modeling, and more. Most importantly, our team understands that each community faces a unique situation that requires tailored solutions: one-size-fits-all solutions are not an option as we seek to make each community as resilient as possible.

. . . want to let you know that I found your study to be truly exceptional. Thank you so much for such excellent work, thoughtful analysis, and great choices for moving forward . . . you far exceeded expectations again!

Director of Energy & Utilities, University of Virginia

Our multi-disciplinary Resilience Planning & Design team specializes in providing:

  • Sustainability and resilience visioning, goal setting, and metric tracking
  • Resilience planning and design
  • Stormwater and green infrastructure planning and design, including nature-based solutions
  • Stormwater (hydrologic and hydraulic) modeling
  • Riverine watershed modeling
  • Municipal Vulnerability Preparedness (MVP) Planning and Action Grants
  • Vulnerability and risk assessments
  • Operation and maintenance for stormwater systems including green infrastructure
  • Stakeholder and community engagement
  • Environmental permitting

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