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Who We Are

Nitsch’s commitment to building better communities with you means that we focus on projects that help improve the world around us – by improving safety, increasing sustainability and resilience, and supporting the community – all while collaborating with you, our clients, colleagues, and employees.

Building Better Communities With You

Nitsch Engineering specializes in providing civil engineering, land surveying, transportation engineering, structural engineering, planning, green infrastructure and resilience consulting, and GIS services. Since our founding in 1989, we have worked on a wide variety of infrastructure and site development projects – and on each, our focus is on collaborating with our clients to deliver creative, cost-effective, and resilient project solutions.

Our Mission

At Nitsch Engineering, we embrace our tagline, “Building better communities with you.” This mantra goes beyond words on paper – it represents our commitment to building stronger and more resilient communities through client collaboration and advocacy.

We define ourselves by why we do what we do – to positively impact our clients, employees, and communities by conducting ourselves with integrity and focusing on our core values; paying close personal attention to the needs and goals of our clients and employees; modeling professional behaviors and standards; focusing on equity, diversity, inclusion, and belonging; embodying a high level of corporate citizenship; and demonstrating, at all times, a caring attitude.

Our Values

At the heart of Nitsch Engineering are our eight core values:

Committing to doing the right thing for the right reason

Keeping all employees informed and engaged

Community Involvement
Being stewards of our various communities (employees; professional organizations; city, state, country; the Earth)

Continuous Improvement
Learning and pushing ourselves outside of our comfort zones

Work/Life Balance
Providing an environment of respect and flexibility for our employees while maintaining business results

Quality and Safety
Approaching all elements of our business with a focus on quality and safety

Client Care
Looking out for the best interests of our clients and being their “savvy advocates”

Organizational Health
Providing a foundation of financial strength and organizational growth that equips us for today and develops agility for the future

The Nitsch Client Experience

Our commitment to client care revolves around four key principles: working collaboratively towards a common goal; acting as a client’s advocate; putting ourselves in our client’s shoes; and developing a positive relationship. As a result of this approach, Nitsch has earned the respect and confidence of our clients – a fact that is clearly demonstrated by the 96% of our work that comes from repeat clients.

To better understand the experience our clients have with us, a third-party consultant recently asked them, “What three words best describe Nitsch?” The words that came up time and again were knowledgeable, responsive, and reliable. We consistently bring these strengths to each of our clients, as we work together to build better communities with you.

The Nitsch Employee Experience

At Nitsch, we believe that happy and engaged employees are the single most important element in having a successful firm. We encourage our staff to do work that challenges and excites them; we support their professional growth through education, mentoring, and professional society involvement; and along the way we have a good time with great co-workers.

We’ve provided a lot more information about our culture on the Careers page, but nothing says it better than the employee who – as part of The Boston Globe 2021 Top Places to Work survey – anonymously said “I get to work with cool people, on cool projects that actually make a difference in people’s lives!”