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Site Sustainability & Resilience

Climate change continues to reshape our communities – and each community faces their own unique situation that requires tailored solutions: one-size-fits-all solutions are not an option.

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Designing More Sustainable & Resilient Communities

As changing rainfall patterns and rising seas increasingly impact our daily lives, we must leverage every opportunity we are given to benefit the environment. This means that sustainability and resilience initiatives should look beyond the building, to include the site and any available open space. From parks to roadways to the landscaping around a building, integrating green infrastructure into as many projects as possible can have a huge impact on our environment.

Nitsch has been at the forefront of sustainable site design and green infrastructure solutions since the early 1990s. We design unique site solutions that are closely integrated into the landscape design for a project. This results in sites that more closely reflect natural ecological patterns than typically seen when using traditional engineering techniques, while still accomplishing the program goals and objectives.