Northeastern University, Climate Vulnerability Assessment

Boston, MA
Key Elements
  • Climate risk and vulnerability assessment
  • Coastal and stormwater flooding mitigation
  • Gray and green infrastructure measures to increase resilience

The Climate Vulnerability Assessment provided an analysis of Northeastern University’s critical systems and assets, characterized priority hazards, which includes a sensitivity and adaptive capacity analysis to assess the University’s strengths and vulnerabilities. Nitsch worked with the project team to perform a high-level analysis and coordination of current conditions with predicted models of climate change. The analysis synthesized past studies and documents, confirming details with staff and integrating with City of Boston climate predictions.

Nitsch reviewed and analyzed climate risks and vulnerabilities using geographic information systems (GIS) data sources for climate change and campus-wide documentation. We provided high-level research assessments on coastal and stormwater flooding, and review of increased temperatures and droughts. Based on these findings we provided recommendations to increase resilience at vulnerable sites including gray and green infrastructure measures for stormwater management.

Key Collaborators

Owner: Northeastern University
Client: B2Q Associates