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Educational Offerings

As part of our commitment to building better communities with you, Nitsch is committed to sharing our engineering knowledge – both by educating our professional community about a range of technical topics, and by helping build a more diverse talent pipeline in the engineering industry.

Providing Clients with Educational Opportunities

As advocates for our clients and project collaborators, Nitsch provides opportunities to learn about a range of engineering and industry topics through two programs that provide AIA and ASLA learning units:

  • Client seminars provide information on a wide range of industry topics, ranging from land surveying to resilience to permitting in the City of Boston. Past topics have included:
    • Climate Change and Resilience: A Regional Approach to Issues and Challenges
    • Smart Cities: Technology+Urban Development
    • Worcester’s Growing: What’s Up?
    • The Changing Face of Ownership: Working with OPMs
    • Building Resiliency: From Gray to Green
    • Stormwater Management: How Changing Regulations WILL Impact Your Projects
    • Green and Complete Streets: The Future of Transportation Design
    • Getting Survey Results That Work: Putting Together the Elements of Success
    • Leadership Management Transitions: Preparing Yourself Whether You’re the Current CEO or the “Next Generation” Leader
    • The Business Case for Sustainable Design
  • Lunch-and-learn sessions, where our employees visit client offices to share information. Each of our programs provides 1 AIA LU or 1 LA CES PDH (some HSW):
    • Sustainable Sites: Three Case Studies
    • Sustainable Stormwater Solutions
    • Green Infrastructure/Low Impact Development (LID) for Sustainable Sites
    • Stormwater Master Planning
    • Innovative Water Management: Rainwater Harvesting and Alternate Water Reuse
    • Land Surveying and GIS: What, When, and Why!
    • Complete Streets
    • Traffic and Parking Impacts of Development Projects
    • Demystifying the Permitting Process: Getting Projects Built in Boston

Building the Future of Engineering

Engineering is well known as an industry for its lack of diversity: only 13% of engineers are women, 14% are Asian, 7% are Hispanic or Latinx, and 4% are Black. One key way to address this lack of representation is through increasing engagement in engineering among under-represented K-12 students. Nitsch focuses on addressing this through education and outreach, with our primary focus on supporting educational initiatives such as: