Salem Probate and Family Court

Salem, MA
Key Elements
  • Stormwater management design 
  • ADA-accessible site design
  • LEED Silver design standards 

To support the 50,000-square-foot renovation and 27,000-square-foot addition to the Salem Probate and Family Court, Nitsch provided topographic and utility survey, design, and permitting services.  

Nitsch designed the site layout and grading, including the parking areas, sidewalks, and entrance ramps into the building to meet the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requirements. We coordinated permitting with the City Engineering Department to ensure the project met MS4 requirements, and controlled sediment and construction stormwater runoff from the site to prevent erosion.  

Our stormwater management design met City of Salem and Stormwater Handbook requirements, and helped the project meet LEED Silver criteria. 

The project was built using the CM-at-Risk approach. 

Key Collaborators 

Owner: Division of Capital Asset Management and Maintenance 
Architect: Perry Dean Rogers