Lowell Justice Center

Lowell, MA
Key Elements
  • Energy efficient technologies 
  • Discontinuance of city streets and state roads 
  • LEED Platinum certification 

Located in the historic Hamilton Canal District, the new 267,000-square-foot Lowell Justice Center replaced three facilities, combining them into one. The LEED Platinum certified courthouse utilizes energy efficient technologies and features 17 courtrooms, the District Attorney and Registry of Deeds, and holding cells. This project site was particularly unique as it required discontinuing city streets, altering the state highway, acquiring and consolidating several parcels of land, and releasing the railroad rights over the final parcel. 

Nitsch’s land surveyors surveyed the 6.4 acres surrounding the site. We prepared plans for the project including existing conditions, boundary retracement, street discontinuance of City of Lowell and state roads, railroad rights release, state highway alteration, subdivision plan of land, and a conveyance plan of land.

Our civil engineers provided design and construction administration, relocated city utilities from the site, and installed new water lines. 

Key Collaborators

Owner: Division of Capital Asset Management and Maintenance
Architect: Finegold Alexander Architects