Temple Landing

New Bedford, MA
Key Elements
  • Housing and streetscape redevelopment 
  • Permitting 
  • Five new public streets

The goal of Temple Landing was to create 200 affordable apartments while dividing the property’s “superblock” into smaller blocks with new streets and walks connecting to the surrounding community. Nitsch provided land surveying and civil engineering services for the reconfiguration of this outdated 11-acre site and the renovation of its existing buildings. Working directly for the Preservation for Affordable Housing, our land surveyors prepared existing conditions and title insurance surveys, foundation layout for seven new buildings, and street layout plans and street-bound settings for five new streets. 

Working with the architect, Nitsch’s civil engineers prepared site demolition plans, and designed the site utilities, the stormwater management system, and the site layout for the updated buildings. We also provided roadway design for five new streets to connect the community and permitted the project with the New Bedford Department of Public Infrastructure. Nitsch provided construction administration services and utility as-builts upon project completion. 

Key Collaborators

Owner: Preservation of Affordable Housing 
Client: Icon Architecture