Orient Heights

East Boston, MA
Key Elements
  • ALTA plans and subdivision plans 
  • Structural stability analysis for large retaining wall
  • Traffic data collection and roadway geometry studies

Orient Heights is a Boston Housing Authority multi-family housing development with 331 units in East Boston. Originally built in 1951, the affordable housing development is being redeveloped in two phases to include 51 new townhouses and mid-rise buildings. The 15-acre development will contain new public space, a community center, and a management office. There will be a total of 318 vehicle and 388 bicycle parking spaces. Nitsch is providing land surveying, civil engineering, transportation engineering, and structural engineering services for the phased project. 

Our land surveyors performed existing conditions surveys, and prepared ALTA plans and subdivision plans. Our civil and transportation engineers conducted feasibility studies and analysis of the existing site; performed site design services (grading, utilities, and layout design); and performed traffic data collection and roadway geometry studies. Our structural engineers provided full assessment, repair, and seismic retrofit services for a 1,000-foot retaining wall ranging in height from 20 to 27 feet. We devised a material testing program to determine the in-situ concrete strength and chloride-ion penetration, then performed structural stability analysis to determine safety based on current loads, designed post-tensioned soil anchors to provide additional wall resistance under seismic loads, and prepared repair designs for crack and spalled sections of the wall. 

Nitsch also prepared the Transportation Access Plan Agreement, as required by the Boston Transportation Department (BTD), and the Construction Management Plan in accordance with the current BTD requirements and in close coordination with the general contractor.  

Phase 1, which consisted of 120 units, opened in 2018, and Phase 2 is currently underway. 

Key Collaborators

Owner: Boston Housing Authority 
Developer: Trinity Financial 
Architect: Icon Architecture