Taunton Municipal Airport

Taunton, MA
Key Elements
  • Wetland flag survey
  • 11-acre existing conditions survey
  • 3500-foot taxiway existing conditions survey

Nitsch has provided services on a number of projects for the Taunton Municipal Airport. These projects include:

  • A wetland flag survey used in the permitting and construction of a 12-foot security fence around the airport’s perimeter. We used the GPS Rapid Static method of data collection.
  • An existing conditions survey of an 11-acre paved area used as the long-term airplane parking area at Taunton Municipal Airport. The survey was used for permitting design and area reconstruction.
  • An existing conditions survey of the 3500-foot paved taxiway at Taunton Municipal Airport, used to upgrade the drainage and lighting systems that serviced the taxiway, and to make sure that the grading of the new taxiway matched the existing grading of the runway and airplane crib areas.
  • Ground surveys to design and locate obstacle warning light towers on the approach to Runway 30 at the airport.
  • An existing conditions survey to be used as the base for the design, permitting, and construction of the new East-West Access Road.

Key Collaborators

Owner: City of Taunton
Client: Jacobs