The US Army Corps of Engineers began work on a project to return the Mill River to a healthy, viable, and self-maintaining river system. This habitat restoration project revolved around the removal of a dam, which helped restore the aquatic and riparian resources of the river, restore anadromous fish passage, improve aquatic diversity and health in the river, reduce sedimentation in the river, restore the water quality to support fisheries, restore the wetland habitat, and improve recreational access that protects the habitat. Along with the Army Corps’ work on this river habitat restoration project, the City of Stamford planned a world-class urban park on the banks of the Mill River, where local residents are be able to interact with nature and enjoy active and passive recreation.

Nitsch Engineering provided civil engineering and sustainable design services to the landscape architect for the creation of the Mill River Park, which enhanced the Army Corps’ work. The first phase of the project involved designing a park at the upper end of the river. We provided utility and sustainable stormwater management design, analyzed strategies for low-impact development of the park, and assisted in the development of the open space programming of the site. Nitsch Engineering coordinated all of these services with the landscape architect, the Army Corps of Engineers, and the City of Stamford. We completed the design and construction documents for this phase; construction began in 2011. The next phase of the project will involve providing similar services to create greenways along the middle corridor of the river.

Sustainable Project