Nitsch Engineering is providing land surveying, traffic engineering, and civil engineering services for the proposed reconstruction and addition to the Longmeadow High School, a MassRIDES school that serves 1,024 students from grades 9-12.

We initially performed survey services for the feasibility study on the existing High School site, to see if expanding the existing school would be possible. Nitsch Engineering worked closely with the design team prior to beginning the survey to develop a scope and method that would be appropriate for the level of design effort and minimize survey costs until it was determined whether the project would move forward. We performed a topographic survey on the 40-acre site to provide enough elevation data for the design team to get a sense of grading on the site. We also located major physical features within the site using on-the-ground survey methods combined with compiled information from existing MassGIS aerial photographs.

Nitsch Engineering provided traffic engineering services, including analyzing the existing site for parking, accessibility, parent pick-up and drop-off, and bus circulation. We recommended a separate bus pick-up/drop-off area for this school. We evaluated parking demand during school hours and recommended on-site parking capacity and temporary parking during construction phasing. We also performed speed analyses to verify the need for a school zone warning system on Bliss Road and Williams Street based on speed data, and recommended turning radius increase to prevent left turns out of a right-out driveway.

As the project moved forward, Nitsch Engineering performed supplemental topographic survey, on-the-ground property line retracement, and utility survey to support 100% design documents. We also obtained full topographic survey in the abutting streets and compiled abutting buildings from MassGIS to support improvements to the driveway entrances and traffic flow. As part of the final survey, we performed a three-dimensional laser scan for a portion of the existing building where the new addition was to make connections. The laser scan provided a detailed study of how plumb the existing building was, in a cost effective and time efficient manner.

We are currently providing civil engineering services for the project. Our services include providing utility design, finalizing site grading and layout, and assisting with permitting by filing for site plan approval and preparing a United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) permit for stormwater discharges from construction activities.