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Celebrating the First Two Recipients of the Judith Nitsch Scholarship!

In 2022, Nitsch Engineering partnered with the ACEC/MA Education Corporation (a 501(c)3) to provide a scholarship for students who are traditionally underrepresented in the engineering and/or land surveying fields, in honor of the retirement of our founder Judy Nitsch. Nitsch Engineering is funding one $5,000 scholarship per year – and thanks to the donations of friends and colleagues, we were able to fund a second scholarship this year! We were thrilled to announce the first recipients of this scholarship at this year’s ACEC/MA Engineering Excellence Awards Gala on March 27th.

About the Judith Nitsch Scholarship Recipients

Alyssa Griffin With Parents, Judy Nitsch, And Lisa Brothers

Alyssa Griffin is pursuing a Master of Science in Civil/Structural Engineering at Syracuse University. Alyssa was a summer intern at Nitsch in 2022, where she worked on projects at Princeton, Harvard University, and Bridgewater State University. She has been involved in a water infrastructure project aligned with her career goal of “contributing to climate resilience and fostering greater equity and access to the benefits of engineering and technology across nations, socioeconomic status, and race.” In addition to her internship and coursework, Alyssa was a teaching assistant, a WellsLink Leadership Scholar, an associate for the Women of Color in STEM Career Preparation Program, and a member of the National Society of Black Engineers and the Society of Women Engineers. Alyssa is pictured in the photo above with her parents on her left, and Judy Nitsch, PE , and President & CEO Lisa Brothers, PE, ENV SP, LEED AP.

Shannon Logan With Parent, Judy Nitsch, And Lisa Brothers

Shannon Logan is pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering at Worcester Polytechnic Institute. The President of Atlantic Coast Engineering, where Shannon held an internship, described her as “enthusiastic about work, the profession and is a pleasure to work with.” At WPI, she is on the Dean’s List and is a member of the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE), the Society of Women Engineers, the outing club, the running club, and the concert band. During her junior year, she traveled to Glacier National Park to help “the park administration find solutions and new strategies to improve their housing situation.” Shannon’s drive for problem-solving continues through her capstone project, where she is helping residents on an unpaved dirt road with drainage issues. Shannon is pictured in the photo above with her family on her left, and Judy Nitsch,. PE , and President & CEO Lisa Brothers, PE, ENV SP, LEED AP on her right.

Learn More About the Judith Nitsch Scholarship

You can learn more about the Judith Nitsch Scholarship here.

If you’d like to join us in making an impact on our industry, consider donating to the Judith Nitsch Scholarship fund here (just choose the Judith Nitsch Scholarship Fund from the options). Nitsch is committed to funding one $5,000 scholarship per year, and any funding raised from other contributors – like you! – will go directly to funding additional scholarships!

Photos of the scholarship recipients were taken by Frank Monkiewicz Photography.