Women represent 50.6% of the US population… yet make up only 11.7% of all engineers*. Females are clearly under-represented in engineering, and Nitsch Engineering wants to do something about that.

Since 2002, Nitsch Engineering has been hosting an annual Introduce a Girl to Engineering Day for 6th to 12th grade girls. Each year we aim to:

  • increase girls’ interest in engineering in a supportive and enthusiastic atmosphere.
  • educate them about the various engineering fields by showcasing different types of engineering each year.
  • share information about how rewarding a career in engineering can be.
  • introduce the girls to women engineers.
  • demonstrate that engineering is fun!

Each year we choose a different field of engineering. Past topics have included:


Visit the following websites to learn more about pursuing an engineering education and career!

  • Engineer Girl: This website shows middle school girls the opportunity that engineering represents for all people