2022 softball champs 2022 softball champs 2022 softball champs

We are the 2022 AEC Softball Champions!

After two years of pandemic-related hiatus, we’re thrilled to announce that the Nitsch Engineering/EYP softball team won the AEC softball championship for the third time!

This year’s season was one of the team’s best. The 2022 team was comprised of a few pre-pandemic players and a lot of new, energetic staff! They started the season 1-3, and while it looked like a tough road ahead, the team gained their composure and focused. Their defense began to click, which led to a seven-game winning streak prior to going into the championship game. The team’s hard work and week-over-week improvement helped them rise above and win 14-4, taking home the championship!

The Nitsch staff on the 2022 team included team captain Chris Hodney, Yusuf Alobaidli, Brian Biagini, Nick Buttitta, Liam Cullinane, Jared Gentilucci, Ron May, Monica Saideh, Tim Shea, Paige Simmons, Oscar Yubi, and Bryan Zimolka.

We’re so proud of all of our players (both employees and our friends at EYP) and are already looking forward to next year!