Transportation is an essential part of urban design and creating livable cities. The philosophy of widening streets and roadways to address the problems of traffic flow, roadway capacity, and safety has proven detrimental to neighborhoods, businesses, and the pedestrian-friendliness of an area in general. In the Eastern U.S., cities and towns are trending toward creating comprehensive sustainability plans, utilizing modern technology, and successfully integrating sustainable design to both protect the environment and make urban areas more livable. At Nitsch Engineering, we have long embraced the engineering concepts and approaches that exemplify “complete” streets: designing sustainable solutions, addressing multi-modal roadway needs, and applying smart technologies for traffic management.

Comprehensive Transportation Services

Today, transportation design must address the needs of all users – vehicles, pedestrians, and cyclists – while using sustainable best practices during design and construction. Nitsch Engineering provides our government agency and private development clients with a full range of transportation and traffic services, including:

  • Roadway Design, Improvement, and Permitting
  • Recreational Trail and Bicycle Path Design
  • Sustainable Design
  • Utility Infrastructure
  • Traffic Signal and Intersection Design
  • Traffic Impact Studies
  • Site Access Feasibility Studies
  • Accessibility Retrofit Design
  • Transportation Access Plans
  • Parking and Pedestrian Studies
  • Transportation Funding Program Identification
  • Traffic Calming Studies and Design
  • Transportation Master Plans
  • Asset Management
  • Municipal Consulting and Peer Reviews
  • Community Outreach/ Public Information Programs
  • Litigation Support and Expert Witness Testimony

Sustainable Urban Design

Sustainable transportation design restores the feeling and sense of neighborhood cohesion through effective landscaping, roadway configuration, traffic controls, roadway lighting, and pedestrian amenities. Nitsch Engineering advocates low-maintenance, sustainable environments, and endorses the use of visually pleasing, timeless, durable materials for paving and furnishing streets. We look for opportunities to pave less and green more. We explore reduced lane widths and the use of green infrastructure such as bioretention and permeable pavement, which we have introduced successfully on a number of projects such as Peabody Square in Boston.


“Nitsch Engineering met our expectations for performance and creativity on this green project, met the goals established for the project, and addressed the complex site issues in an innovative way. They worked with the challenges at the site . . . to realize dramatic changes that created a pedestrian plaza and park-like settings to improve traffic operations, create memorable pedestrian amenities, all while implementing green stormwater management techniques.”

City of Boston Engineer