Consulting Engineering Services for the Town of Weston

Weston, MA
Key Elements
  • Experience as an Engineering Services consultant 
  • Technical support at site walks and public hearings 
  • Collaboration with the Planning Board 

Since 1995, Nitsch has provided the Town of Weston with a wide range of consulting engineering services, including preparing site plans for various types of developments; preparing Notices of Intent; and designing roadway, utility, and stormwater management systems for compliance with standard engineering practices, constructability, and conformity to Town, State, and Federal regulations. We review traffic and transportation issues to ensure that negative project impacts are mitigated, and conduct traffic signal inspections to determine system faults.  

Nitsch has also assisted the Planning Board in developing sustainable roadway regulations and provides them with general engineering and technical assistance. 

Key Collaborators 

Owner: Town of Weston