Consulting Engineering Services for the Town of Raynham

Raynham, MA
Key Elements
  • Site plan, utility, and roadway design review
  • Traffic and transportation review
  • Collaboration with the Planning Board

As a consultant to the Town of Raynham since 1995, Nitsch has provided a range of consulting engineering services. For both residential and non-residential developments, we review site plans; Notices of Intent; and roadway, utility, Title 5 compliance, and stormwater management systems to ensure that they comply with standard engineering practices, are constructible and adhere to Town, State, and Federal regulations. We also review traffic and transportation issues associated with new developments to help prevent undue impacts on the community. 

In addition, Nitsch attends pre-construction meetings with the Planning Board’s agent, the Department of Public Works, and the Contractor. We provide technical support at public hearings/meetings and site walks, observe construction to ensure compliance with the required standards and permits, prepare construction cost estimates for performance bonds, and advise the Planning Board and Highway Superintendent of construction status and bond reductions. Nitsch reviews as-built plans, performs final construction site visits, and recommends whether a street was built correctly for acceptance as a public way.

Nitsch also provides general engineering and technical support to the Planning Board. Along with revising the Subdivision Rules and Regulations with the Planning Board, we also created a Construction Appendix to be used when building any new roads, as well as Site Plan Checklists and Subdivision Checklists.

Key Collaborator

Owner: Town of Raynham