Attleboro Intermodal Transportation Center and Riverfront Drive

Attleboro, MA
Key Elements
  • New multi-modal transportation facility 
  • New roadway design 
  • New riverfront park 

To improve multi-modal transportation access for their residents, the Greater Attleboro-Taunton Regional Transit Authority (GATRA) sought engineering expertise to design a new Attleboro Intermodal Transportation Center (ITC). GATRA oversees the operation of a fixed-route bus system that serves 26 member communities of southeastern Massachusetts and manages the Attleboro commuter rail station for the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority (MBTA). GATRA partnered with the MBTA, Attleboro Redevelopment Authority (ARA), and the City of Attleboro to redevelop and enhance adjacent parcels, commuter facilities, and operations at the Attleboro commuter rail station – thereby connecting more residents to the commuter station. The improvements were completed in two phases.  

Phase 1 included design of a new GATRA bus transfer station located at the ITC site. The new facility includes a new bus terminal building, bus access roadway, bus canopy structures, and a new access drive to the existing commuter rail surface parking lot.  

Phase 2 included improved access/egress to the ITC via a new connecting roadway – Riverfront Drive – between Olive and Wall Streets (parallel to the Ten Mile River). The design of Riverfront Drive required relocating the current Department of Public Works (DPW) facilities adjacent to the Ten Mile River, demolishing several industrial buildings, and developing a new riverfront park between the roadway and the Ten Mile River.  

Nitsch designed the roadway geometry to maximize the area of future adjacent parcels suited for transit-oriented development. The design required extensive environmental permitting coordination, contaminated soil removal and remediation, and utility infrastructure installation to accommodate future development adjacent to the roadway and ITC. We collected traffic data, performed safety analyses for intersections and roadway sections, designed stormwater mitigation features and street lighting, and coordinated riverfront park designs through collaboration with the landscape architect. Site features include green infrastructure and low impact design elements, such as porous pavement. 

Key Collaborators 

Owner: City of Attleboro, GATRA 
Architect: DHK Architects 
Landscape Architect: Brown Sardina 
Structural Engineer: Lamson Engineering Corporation 
Environmental Engineer: Epsilon Associates, Horsley Witten Group 
Geotechnical Engineer: McPhail Associates 
Cost Estimator: City Point Partners