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Nitsch Makes the Boston Business Journal’s List of the Largest Women-owned Businesses in Massachusetts

In a wrap-up of the current largest women-owned businesses in Massachusetts, the Boston Business Journal ranked Nitsch Engineering #16 out of 25. This year marks the first year that the BBJ has ranked a standalone list for women-owned businesses, rather than a combined list that also includes minority-owned businesses. This has refined the list to include only Massachusetts-based companies where at least 51% of the business’s ownership is held by women.

Nitsch Engineering achieved spot #16 with a total revenue in 2019 of $19,233,000, and 106 total employees. Currently, 10 of our shareholders are women – making up 57.3% of our ownership!

This standalone list helps to recognize the large contribution that is made yearly by women-owned businesses in the industry, and we are excited to be a part of it! See our name along with an amazing group in the February 21st edition of the Boston Business Journal.