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Nitsch Engineering Welcomes Denis Seguin, PLS, and Jeffrey Parenti, PE

New Director of Land Surveying and Transportation Project Manager

Nitsch Engineering is pleased to announce that Denis Seguin, PLS, has joined the firm as director of land surveying, and Jeffrey Parenti, PE, has joined as a transportation project manager.

Denis Seguin, PLS, has 39 years of experience in land surveying, managing and coordinating survey field crews, processing survey data, and providing mapping for all types and levels of survey. He is familiar with modern survey methods including GPS, laser scanning, total stations, and data collectors, and has managed projects including property line retracement, topographic, utility, wetlands, ALTA/ACSM land title, and construction layout surveys. As the Director of Land Surveying, Denis is responsible for coordinating projects, providing QA/QC, and implementing safety procedures and processes within the survey group. An active member of the Florida Land Survey Council, Denis earns 24 continuing education credits every year to maintain his PLS license; this focus on lifelong learning keeps him up to date on the latest land surveying approaches, techniques, and challenges.

Jeffrey Parenti, PE, has 20 years of experience in transportation engineering, including 18 years working in urban municipalities. During his 14 years working in the City of Cambridge Traffic, Parking, and Transportation Department, Jeff was responsible for the planning, design, and operation of more than 200 traffic signals. During this time, he oversaw a rapid growth in land development, working to temper the impact of traffic congestion and improve safety and comfort for non-automotive modes of transportation. Jeff specializes in designing traffic signal, intersection, and roadway improvements, as well as multimodal facilities for bicycling and walking. He is an active member of the Institute of Transportation Engineers, earned his B.S. in Civil Engineering from Carnegie Mellon University, and earned his M.S. in Civil Engineering from Georgia Institute of Technology.