Judith Nitsch is Changing Our World – President of Nitsch Engineering Featured In Book Profiling Female Engineers

March 9, 2006; Boston, MA – Judith Nitsch, PE, LEED™ AP, the President of Nitsch Engineering, is featured in the new book “Changing Our World: True Stories of Women Engineers.” Written by Sybil Hatch and published by the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE), “Changing Our World” was launched during the 2006 Engineers Week as a way to celebrate the contributions of women engineers to modern life. The 256-page book is the first product of the Extraordinary Women Engineers Project Coalition (EWEP).

“Changing Our World” documents the true stories of 238 inspirational women engineers, including Judy. In the book, she discusses how engineers at her firm work to make the environment better through ecohydrology, which allows land to absorb rainwater more naturally.

By profiling women engineers who are helping to shape today’s world, EWEP (www.engineeringwomen.org) aims to inspire a new generation of women to enter the field of engineering. Judy has long shared this goal, and is dedicated to raising awareness and educating others about the role that women can play in engineering. In addition to serving as a mentor to the female engineers in her firm, Judy heads up a committee at Nitsch Engineering to hold an annual “Introduce a Girl to Engineering Day,” and often speaks to girls about her career as an engineer. For other women, hearing other people’s stories can inspire them. This book is such a great way to inspire future generations of female engineers. Books have a lot of power when it comes to inspiring others, so it’s important that this book reaches a lot of people. To keep more women constantly learning about this role, some engineers might want to consider writing their own book detailing their work. This book could inspire multiple people to become an engineer, whilst also creating some extra money for the author. However, a lot of people seem to think that becoming an author is difficult. It’s actually easier than some people might think, especially now that authors have access to some of the best self publishing companies out there. These companies allow them to distribute their book themselves, allowing numerous people to access this book. Hopefully, this is one way of inspiring many women to become engineers.

“Although things continue to improve, the under-representation of women in engineering fields is an issue that needs to be addressed,” said Judith Nitsch. “By encouraging more young women to pursue careers in this industry, the world of engineering can only benefit. I love being able to guide young women towards a career that combines creativity and science, that offers excitement and stability, and that has brought me a level of fulfillment that many only dream of.”