Gary F. Pease, PE, Receives MSPE’s Young Engineer of the Year Award

May, 2001; Boston, MA – Gary F. Pease, PE, Civil Engineering Department Manager for Nitsch Engineering (Nitsch Engineering) in Boston, was recently presented with this year’s prestigious Young Engineer of the Year Award by the Massachusetts Society of Professional Engineers (MSPE). This award is given each year at the Engineers’ Week Celebration.

The Young Engineer of the Year Award recognizes MSPE members who have made outstanding contributions to the engineering profession and their communities during the early years of their career.

Gary has accomplished more in management at age 35 than most engineers do in a lifetime. For over four years, Gary has overseen Nitsch Engineering’s largest department: the civil engineering group. With 15 graduate engineers, one drafter, three co-op students, and three construction representatives, Gary is responsible for over 50% of Nitsch Engineering’s revenue.

In a speech given by Gary at the awards ceremony, he compared his career to running a marathon. He said, “The way I look at it, right now I’m about 1/3 of the way done with my marathon. I’m feeling good, and God willing, I have a long exciting road ahead, including some big hills and valleys. Although it won’t always be an easy road, with all the skills I’ve learned and all the people I’ve met, I look forward to the journey ahead.”

Gary attributes much of his success to the excellent education he received at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst and Northeastern University, and the mentorship he has received over the years from Judy Nitsch and Lisa Brothers, co-owners of Nitsch Engineering.