Erin Venezia, Extreme Engineer of the Month

February 20, 2006 Boston, MA – Erin Venezia, a Project Designer at Nitsch Engineering in Boston, was profiled in the JETS e-newsletter as Extreme Engineer of the Month. JETS E-Week focus was on women in engineering.

An excerpt from the article:

Nitsch Engineering has a higher percentage of women than most firms. About 40 percent of engineers at Nitsch Engineering are women. “It’s not really something you’d notice,” Erin says, “but as a woman engineer it’s a nice and somewhat unusual situation. It’s a benefit to be able to talk to someone about any issues that you may run into in the field. There’s nice camaraderie.” The firm’s high standards and excellent reputation clearly show that women can excel and be leaders in the field—even head up their own firm.

Despite only being out of school for three years, Erin has had great opportunities to work on a number of exciting projects in Boston at Nitsch Engineering Some have been smaller redevelopments of old buildings. One of the most exciting projects she’s been working on for the past two years is the Columbus Center Project. This new air-rights project will deck over a section of the Massachusetts Turnpike, which cuts through the city below grade creating a canyon of sorts that is criss-crossed with bridges.

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