Canstruction 2016 Team Picture Scaled Canstruction 2016 Team Picture Scaled Canstruction 2016 Team Picture Scaled

Canstruction Boston 2016: Nothing Short of Total World Hunger Dominance!

Canstruction Boston is one of our favorite activities each year, as we work together as a team to plan, design, and build a structure entirely out of cans. By raising awareness of hunger in Massachusetts, and bringing together thousands of cans to be donated to the Merrimack Valley Food Bank, Canstruction Boston aims to help end hunger.

To address this year’s theme, “Journey Into Space,” we decided that in the war to end hunger, there’s no one we’d rather have on our side than Marvin the Martian, with his vow to “Settle for nothing short of total world hunger dominance!”

To showcase Marvin’s mission to end world hunger, we’ve shown him hurtling through space in his flying saucer. Nitsch Engineering purchased more than 4,100 cans of healthful foods to build the structure, and our team of eight volunteers spent eight hours building! Check out the time-lapse video of the build below – condensed to just over a minute, for easy (and entertaining!) viewing.

Together, the bold labels on our cans make our structure an appropriate tribute to a character from one of the most popular cartoons of all time, Looney Tunes, while benefiting the food bank with nutritious and filling foods.

Special thanks to our eight build-day volunteers, and to all the other Nitsch employees who helped plan, design, pick up cans and build materials, cut boards in the rain, and overall make Canstruction 2016 a resounding success!

To see all of the other structures, and to vote for the People’s Choice Award winner, go to Canstruction Boston’s photo album on Facebook – you can vote for your favorite (*cough* Nitsch *cough*) by “liking” the photo!