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5 Keys to Success when Requesting Land Surveying Services

Today, Nitsch Engineering hosted our second virtual client seminar, “Land Surveying and GIS – What, When, and Why?”. Led by Vice President, Director of Land Surveying Denis Seguin, PLS, and Senior Project Manager Mark Violette, PLS, the program shared how to acquire the land surveying services necessary for different types of projects, including a brief overview of the intentions and requirements for property line retracement surveys, ALTA/NSPS title insurance surveys, data accumulation (topographic and utility) surveys, high-definition (laser scanning) surveys, drone surveys, and aerial photogrammetry controls and surveys.

To make sure you get what you need for your project, the most important factor to consider is clear communication. Specifically, we recommend talking to your Professional Land Surveyor (PLS) about the following five keys for success:

  1. Identify the reason for the survey. No matter what type of project you have, explaining the purpose of your project will help your surveyor meet your needs!
  2. Specify the type of survey needed. There are dozens of survey types to consider, and you likely won’t need them all.
    • Think of other team members: as an architect, you may need one thing, but what will your subconsultants need?
  3. Consider the level of accuracy you need for your purposes.  
    • Remember that compiled plans have their purpose (planning and feasibility studies), but cannot be relied upon for design.
  4. Provide a detailed scope of services if possible. Boiler-plate RFPs (e.g., AIA template) can be a “good starting point” but the delivered product can vary considerably based on the purpose. You’ll want to tailor your RFP to the project – and make sure to provide a sketch of the project area!
    • Talk to your surveyor about the datum to be used; datums can be confusing, but not understanding them can be a costly lesson.
  5. Be upfront with (and realistic about) deadlines. 

If you’re going through this list and aren’t sure of the answers, reach out to your trusted PLS! We can help you figure out what you need.

Looking for more information? Reach out to Vice President, Director of Land Surveying Denis Seguin, PLS, to learn more!