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Canstruction: Working to Halt Hunger 

Hunger is all around us: according to Feeding America, 1 in 7 of the U.S. population suffers from hunger. In Massachusetts, Project Bread reports in “The 2014 Status Report on Hunger in Massachusetts” that 375,695 households are struggling to put food on the table: a 71% increase since 2003.

But ONE CAN makes a difference.

Canstruction is a unique competition that involves designing and building statues made entirely out of canned foods. At the end of the event, the cans are donated to local food banks. Since 2001, Nitsch Engineering has used healthy canned foods to build the best sculpture possible.

Lisa Brothers, President and CEO of Nitsch Engineering, says, "We participate in a number of charitable events, but CANstruction is definitely one of our favorites. We love that this competition allows us to combine our design abilities with a wonderful cause like helping Massachusetts's hungry."

In 2015, we celebrated Canstruction Boston’s 20th anniversary by building a slice of funfetti cake and a champagne bottle and flute. "Celebrate CAN Times" included 2,534 cans of vegetables and pasta to benefit the Merrimack Valley Food Bank – view the video below to watch the build!

Check out a video of our 2014 Canstruction build: Grumpy Cat Says NO to Hunger!

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