The Upper Harbor Terminal is a 48-acre former shipping terminal located on 4,000 feet of waterfront along the Mississippi River. The waterfront is being redeveloped, converting existing industrial conditions into a highly sustainable mixed-use development consisting of residential, commercial, and recreational facilities that will incorporate sustainable stormwater management solutions.

In collaboration with the project team, Nitsch Engineering is developing green infrastructure strategies and solutions. Rather than collecting and treating stormwater on a site by site basis, we are developing a District-wide approach that incorporates sustainable strategies consistently throughout the community and applies them to private development sites, the public road network, and recreational and civic spaces. Strategies include bioretention basins, pervious pavements, rain gardens, and at grade and below grade infiltrative solutions. The project is being designed to meet and exceed local and state stormwater management guidelines and the project team is working collaboratively with the Mississippi Water Management Organization to provide the highest level of stormwater quality management prior to discharge to the Mississippi River.

Sustainable Project