Nitsch Engineering provided infrastructure and sustainability analysis to help the Town of Kingston update their Comprehensive Master Plan. As part of the planning team, we reviewed the existing data related to transportation, water, sewer, and stormwater infrastructure; and we prepared recommendations that can be implemented as Kingston grows. Our recommendations focused on the implementation of green infrastructure and climate mitigation strategies, and assessing future transportation capacity needs.

Nitsch Engineering reviewed available demographics and traffic counts, and determined growth trends over time. We studied town-wide crash information to identify safety deficiencies at locations that would benefit from improvements. After collecting and analyzing this data, we recommended strategies that would help the Town achieve its goals of increasing livability and walkability, and improving access to transit.

The planning process included a thorough public participation component. Nitsch Engineering participated in a three-day charrette in Town Hall, helping to educate the public on the possibilities for stormwater and transportation infrastructure improvements.

Sustainable Project