Nitsch Engineering lead the design team for a pilot project to apply green technologies for the emergency operation of traffic control systems at 18 intersections along the City of Boston’s evacuation route. The project included the design of a solar panel system to provide back-up battery power to the traffic signals when power is lost, and the installation of rooftop solar panel arrays at the City Public Works Facility on 400 Frontage Road to generate the power to operate the traffic signals. The 18 intersections are significant locations along the City’s emergency evacuation route along Hyde Park Avenue and Blue Hill Avenue.

The scope of this project included development of design documents and installation of solar and battery back-up systems, preparation of construction documents, and construction administration services. The solar design was completed by a solar technology specialist. The system components included solar panels at four intersections, battery back-up units and enclosures at all locations that are compliant with City standards, layout of solar panels at 400 Frontage Road and connections to the grid system, and coordination with the City’s Environmental Division, the contractor for the implementation, and field observation of the operation.

Click here to view the real-time power generation of the system.

Sustainable Project