Nitsch Engineering provided civil engineering services for the new 66,500-square-foot School of Management. In addition to creating a new building, the project involved turning a parking lot into a 700-car underground garage with open green space on top. We designed the site utilities and layout, prepared the Boston Water and Sewer Commission site plan application, and provided construction administration services. We also designed the stormwater system to improve the quality of runoff through best management practices such as deep sump catch basins, area drains with sumps and hoods, as well as a dedicated water quality structure to treat stormwater runoff prior to entering the Muddy River. The design incorporates two separate systems for stormwater infiltration which directs a significant volume of stormwater into the ground thus replenishing the groundwater in a neighborhood where this is vital. These infiltration systems also reduce the quantity of runoff entering the city system by over 25%. As a result of these measures, the College was able to document both LEED credits SSC6.1 and SSc6.2; the project earned LEED Gold Certification.

Sustainable Project