Nitsch Engineering partnered with the City of New Bedford to prepare a Watershed Restoration Study for Sassaquin Pond through a Water Quality Management Planning Grant provided under the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection’s 604(b) watershed planning program. We helped the City apply for the grant, then provided environmental planning, civil engineering, and green infrastructure design services to help the City identify opportunities for on-site and regional stormwater management approaches, especially techniques that use Low Impact Development (LID) approaches to address water quantity issues and water quality impairments to Sassaquin Pond.

As part of the study, Nitsch Engineering analyzed the existing conditions, developed watershed improvement alternatives, developed a public participation process with stakeholders, developed public education materials, presented education materials about water quality and watershed protection, and provided conceptual designs of possible improvements. This planning level study serves as a blueprint for the design, construction, and implementation of best management practices throughout the watershed to improve water quality in one of the City’s most precious natural resources.

Nitsch Engineering has also partnered with the City of New Bedford and the Sassaquin Pond Betterment Alliance to prepare a grant application to assist in funding the design and construction of the improvements recommended as part of the planning level study.

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