Nitsch Engineering provided land surveying, transportation engineering, and resident engineering services for roadway and sidewalk improvements along Pleasant Street in the City of Northampton, Massachusetts. We performed street line and topographic survey of Pleasant Street between Hampton Avenue and Hockanum Road. Working closely with the City, Nitsch Engineering developed design documents in accordance with the Complete Streets policy adopted by the City and the guidelines published by MassDOT. The design accounted for the availability of funds and the City’s established priorities.

Design features included reconstruction of sidewalks, installation of raised crosswalks, a raised intersection and roadway at a rail trail crossing to improve pedestrian safety, and the application of an access management approach by closing off several unused curb cuts. The sidewalks were designed in compliance with Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and Massachusetts Architectural Access Board (MAAB) requirements. In areas where tree roots were to remain, flexible pavement was successfully used. To comply with the Complete Streets approach and improve multimodal access, the design included the installation of a one-way raised cycle track on each side of Pleasant Street. In areas where right-of-way was limited and a cycle track was not feasible to install, sharrow markings and new signage where installed. The project includes the installation of green spaces along Pleasant Street. The intersection at Hockanum Road was realigned which created space to install three bioretention areas and develop streetscaping.

The pedestrian/bicycle improvements required substantial modifications to drainage infrastructure. Those modifications were performed with only minor impacts to existing utilities due to early reconnaissance and field observation by Nitsch Engineering’s survey department and coordination with the City. Modifications to the existing street lighting conduit were coordinated through the local electric company to allow access to sidewalk areas for stormwater control elements. Coordination with utilities continued through final design.

Nitsch Engineering prepared preliminary design plans, detail sheets, and construction quantities and cost estimates for review by several City departments. As the project progressed into construction, Nitsch Engineering prepared and coordinated the distribution of bid documents and provided construction administration services, where our full-time resident engineer was present during construction.