The City of New Bedford wanted to make improvements to their regional airport to help grow the economy in the area. The project consists of expanding the primary precision control runway by 400 ft and adding 1000 x 400-ft safety areas at the end of Runways 5 and 23; upgrading approach guidance lights and clearing vegetation in the runway safety areas; installing wildlife barrier fencing; and upgrading the drainage system for runway 5-23.

Nitsch Engineering prepared an existing conditions survey of 318 acres of the airport. The survey was in compliance with current FAA/Airport GIS mapping guidelines. We also performed a perimeter survey for the re-establishment of the wetland perimeter along the 5-23 runway corridor. Nitsch Engineering is currently in the process of surveying the perimeter of five areas in the vicinity of the airport for future expansion. Construction is underway and expected to be completed in 2013.