Nitsch Engineering, working with MassDevelopment, has performed preliminary and due diligence services regarding the redevelopment of portions of the Whaling City Municipal Golf Course into an industrial park. The existing golf course site contains significant elevation changes which presents challenges for locating road alignments and building pad sites with parking. In order to limit construction costs related to earth moving and retaining wall construction, we developed scenarios with a strong focus on minimizing earthwork quantities. Using the SiteOps Land Development tool to locate proposed roads and building sites we were able to quickly and efficiently examine different scenarios and assess them for earthwork costs.

The golf course is a significant open space and recreational resource for the City of New Bedford, and the City is committed to preserving portions of the golf course to the maximum extent practicable. Therefore, Nitsch Engineering – in collaboration with the project’s golf course architect – has developed layouts that will maximize the preservation of the existing golf course as well as provide space to reroute the golf course when necessary. Additionally, the project also includes significant permitting challenges. It remains in the preliminary phase pending approval from the City.

Sustainable Project