Nitsch Engineering provided land surveying services for the $10-million rehabilitation design of the Great River Bridge over the Westfield River. The project includes renovating the bridge deck on the existing bridge, as well as constructing a new, 400-foot “sister” bridge.  In conjunction with the new bridge design, the City of Westfield is designing a new riverfront park and traffic flow pattern.  Nitsch Engineering performed a topographic survey of the immediate 20-acre area around the Great River Bridge, including the Westfield River, the CSX railroad bridge over Route 202 (North Elm Street), and a historically-significant bridge over the Pioneer Valley Railroad along Pochaissic Street.  We surveyed the bridge deck of the existing Great River Bridge to help designers with widening the deck, and provided more detailed surveys of the CSX railroad bridge and the Pochaissic Street bridge to allow for more extensive design (including the expansion of the clearance between the roadways and the CSX railroad bridge).  For the construction of the new “sister” bridge, Nitsch Engineering incorporated hydrographic, GPS, property line, utility, and railroad alignment surveys; prepared preliminary right-of-way plans, letter takings, layout plans, and the order of taking; and evaluated existing utilities. The project included numerous reviews by the City of Westfield and its residents, as well as coordination with State agencies, as there were historical concerns that needed to be balanced with modern needs.