Nitsch Engineering provided land surveying services for 2,500 feet of Boylston Street and 300 feet up each intersecting side street, as well as Audubon Circle, and 400 feet in each direction from the circle for the design of improved pedestrian and bicycle traffic in the area. The survey was performed on the Massachusetts State Plane Coordinate System and Boston City Base vertical datum. We collected topographic information for the full width of each roadway, including features and building entrances that were within 10 feet of the right-of-way lines. We also gathered additional information at existing handicap ramps, located existing traffic markings, and provided an inventory of existing street signs with a detail for each sign along the route. We also provided street line retracement and abutter information for the entire route, so the design team could determine if any easements or takings would be necessary for the completion of the project.