Nitsch performed complex land surveying services including property line retracement, street right-of-way retracement, and topographic surveys for many parcels and streets in the City of Fall River as part of the CSO upgrade project in conjunction with the new CSO tunnel. Seven separate sites around the city were surveyed including:

  • Quechechan Aqueduct, a 70-acre survey through Britland Park, Plymouth Avenue, Pleasant, Quarry, and Quequechan Streets, that involved numerous land parcels, streets, and property issues
  • Grove Street and one land parcel
  • Borden Street
  • Outlets along Plymouth Avenue
  • Lowell Street
  • Abbott Park
  • Cove Street.

The right-of-ways for the abutting streets were surveyed as were numerous land parcels. Property surveys for easements and topographic surveys were performed to support the design and construction of a new underground sewer conduit. The use of Global Positioning and a high quality level run to connect the seven surveys to a common datum were used as was an electronic total station for all property and topographic surveys. An old no longer used railroad spur line was difficult to pin down as was its present ownership.