The Elm Street East bridge over the Parker Mill Pond in the Town of Wareham is in poor condition and is currently closed to vehicular traffic. The bridge is not eligible to receive Federal funding for repairs or replacement because the span length is less than 20 feet. Nitsch Engineering worked with the Town of Wareham to prepare an application and secure funding for the bridge repairs through the Municipal Small Bridge Program funded by MassDOT.

Nitsch Engineering is providing transportation and structural engineering design services for a new bridge superstructure. The superstructure will maintain the existing horizontal and vertical geometry within the limits of the project and modifications to the existing substructure to receive the new superstructure. Modifications will include the partial demolition of existing abutments and wingwalls. Design preparation and plans to replace the existing sub-standard guard rail and bridge rail will be coordinated with the various utility companies for the temporary relocation of the overhead wires and lines under the bridge associated with construction. The new bridge must fit within the limits of the existing bridge in order to re-use the existing abutments and avoid interference with the adjacent spillway.