Since 1989, Nitsch Engineering has enjoyed an on-going consulting relationship with the Town of Groton. We have provided civil engineering review services on over 125 site plan and subdivision projects, reviewed existing road conditions and recommended improvements to be constructed within a limited budget, revised the Subdivision Rules and Regulations with the Planning Board, created a Construction Appendix for use in all new roadway design and construction, and prepared Site Plan Checklists and Subdivision Checklists. Tasks have included:

  • Reviewing site plans, cluster developments, 40B projects, preliminary and definitive subdivisions, Notices of Intent, roadway, utility, Title 5 compliance, and stormwater management systems for compliance with standard engineering practices, constructability, and conformity to town, state, and federal regulations.
  • Attending pre-construction meetings with the Planning Board’s agent, Department of Public Works, and the Contractor.
  • Providing technical support at public hearings/meetings and site walks.
  • Observing construction to ensure conformance with construction standards and permits.
  • Preparing construction cost estimates for performance bonds.
  • Advising the Planning Board of construction status and bond reductions.
  • Reviewing as-built plans, perform final construction site visit, and recommend whether or not the street was built correctly for acceptance as a public way.
  • Reviewing and revising the Subdivision Rules and Regulations as well as the Construction Appendix