Nitsch Engineering provided the Boston Public Works Department with on-call engineering services for two years, completing 16 assignments that included intersection improvements, bicycle lanes, stone wall repairs, and studies. Our assignments have included:

  • Engineering design for the reconstruction of Huntington Avenue sidewalk between Peterborough Street and Mass Avenue;
  • Engineering design for the reconstruction of two locations on Harrison Avenue for ADA compliance;
  • Engineering design for the reconstruction of sidewalk at 75 Kneeland Street;
    Issuing two contracts for ADA compliance;
  • Engineering design services for three locations identified in the East Boston Transportation Action Plan: Condor Street, Saratoga Street, and Faywood/Crestway;
  • Parking and speed studies at Cleary Square and American Legion Highway;
  • Assisting in the development of a transportation improvement plan for Cleary Square; and
  • Preparing design documents for 11.4 miles of bicycle lanes on various City streets.

For each project, Nitsch Engineering has been responsible for:

  • Evaluating project scopes, schedules, and cost;
  • Providing planning and engineering services for various projects related to street improvements, sidewalk reconstruction, ADA compliance, and full reconstruction;
    Reviewing monthly status reports to assure that work is being done in a timely manner and on budget;
  • Representing the City in pre-bid and pre-construction conferences;
  • Participating in meetings with local associations and stakeholders;
  • Providing construction administration services: review of shop drawings, advice during construction, and approval of payment to contractors; and
    Providing resident engineering.