Nitsch Engineering was selected by Brandeis University to take part in the debt-funded Infrastructure Renewal Project for their 160-acre campus. The project aimed to create an infrastructure system that would be responsive to issues of life safety, capacity, and efficiency, and would be reliable in terms of cost and ongoing systems operation; and to successfully migrate from a reactive program of addressing costly spending on emergency repairs to a proactive schedule of preventative maintenance. The Infrastructure Renewal Project was divided into seven elements, four of which Nitsch Engineering played a major role in: Steam Network Improvements, Electrical Network Improvements, Water Network Improvements, and Pedestrian Safety and Roadways.

Nitsch Engineering prepared a new campus topographic and utility plan that aids in the University’s day-to-day and future planning analyses. We performed a topographic site survey of the 160-acre Campus, including establishing both horizontal and vertical control throughout the campus consistent with the City of Waltham’s GIS datum, obtaining horizontal and vertical control for aerial photogrammetry, compiling all University properties and all utilities within the limits of the survey, and performing conventional ground surveys of specific areas of the campus to enhance the photogrammetric mapping. In collaboration with the rest of the team, Nitsch Engineering helped Brandeis identify and prioritize their infrastructure needs. To date, we have fast-track designed three Steam Network and two Water Network construction projects that allowed the University to meet immediate goals with minimal disruption to the campus. We have also provided site design for a new switching station, designed pedestrian improvements throughout campus, and provided site design for a new Steam PRV station. We continue to provide civil engineering services on individual projects at the University.