Nitsch Engineering provided land surveying services for the renovation and restoration of the Boston University Bridge deck. Originally called the Cottage Farm Bridge, the bridge was built in 1928 and was renamed the Boston University (B.U.) Bridge in 1949. The bridge extends over the Charles River, offering a connection between Boston and Cambridge, and crosses over Storrow Drive and the CSX Grand Junction Railroad. Nitsch Engineering performed a topographic and utility survey that included portions of the Charles River, which lies about 32 feet below the deck. The survey included the clearance between the bridge arch and Storrow Drive, the bridge deck and adjacent roadways, utilities on adjacent land parcels, and the alignment and clearances between the B.U. Bridge and the CSX railroad bridge that runs under it (which also spans the Charles River). We located the abutments on the Boston side and the adjacent banks of the Charles River to provide topographic data for drainage design. Since the bridge has several different types of walls and structural elements, survey drafting required special attention to detail.