Nitsch Engineering provided civil engineering services for the complete $27 million renovation of the Boston Tea Party Ships and Museum. After sustaining extensive fire damage, the Museum has chosen to demolish the existing site and construct a new facility in its place, which is located on piles within the Fort Point Channel at Congress Street. The new museum will continue to preserve and interpret the Boston Tea Party in a two-story bridge house located on a pier, and a 200-foot floating barge, totaling 18,700 square feet. The pier building contains a retail store, two re-enactment meeting rooms, and offices. Three historic replica ships surround the floating barge, which houses a museum on the first floor and a Tavern/Tea Room on the second level.

Nitsch Engineering worked directly with the Museum to design the building utilities, and provided permitting services including Chapter 91 with the Department of Environmental Protection, as well as filings with the Boston Water and Sewer Commission, Boston Conservation Commission, Boston Transportation Department, and Boston Public Works Department.