Nitsch Engineering provided civil engineering and transportation engineering services for the Bass River Park project. Located between Route 28 and the Bass River, the site was originally occupied by a miniature golf course, multiple buildings, and a gravel parking area with three paved driveway entrances from Route 28. The Town of Dennis decided to transform the existing site into a sustainable riverfront park that will include picnic areas, a boardwalk, a future kayak facility, a future restroom facility (with two toilets), parking and event area, and a single driveway entrance from Route 28. The project substantially reduces the impervious area on the site, and includes significant improvements to the landscaping, walkways, and site utilities.

Nitsch Engineering designed the stormwater management system using sustainable Best Management Practices (BMPs) such as vegetated sedimentation basins, vegetated drainage channels, and porous pavement to promote water quality and water quantity mitigation for the proposed conditions. As a result of the greening practices incorporated into the site design – such as encouraging environmentally-sensitive site design, reducing impervious areas, increasing infiltration onsite, and using natural drainage features for stormwater treatment and conveyance – the proposed site improvements associated with the Bass River Park project will greatly improve the stormwater management of the site from both a water quantity and quality perspective. Nitsch Engineering provided permitting assistance associated with the Conservation Commission and Department of Environmental Protection review of the project, as well as MassDOT review for the modifications made to Route 28 (proposed crosswalk, driveway openings/closings, and work within the MassDOT easement). To meet MassDOT’s review requirements, our transportation engineers developed a stopping site distance plan and calculations for the proposed crosswalk on Main Street (Route 28).

Sustainable Project