Nitsch Engineering performed an area-wide hydrological assessment of existing and proposed conditions for the entire West Side of the University. We evaluated the overall cumulative impacts from the proposed development at the University within the watershed of Meadow Creek, and prepared hydrologic models using SCS TR-20-based analysis models. The study resulted in a set of implementable recommendations regarding sustainable stormwater management for development projects and state regulators to use to monitor growth in the watershed. Recommendations included creative stormwater management solutions in the entire 850-acre watershed, such as streambank/floodway restoration, created wetlands, and green Best Management Practice solutions to restore the degraded creek environment. Individual site development projects no longer need their own stormwater management systems; instead, they reap the benefit of the three “regional” facilities installed across the campus: The Dell, the Emmet Street Garage site, and the John Paul Jones Arena site. Our work on this project won the 2007 ACEC/MA Engineering Excellence Grand Conceptor Award (first place) and a 2007 ACEC National Engineering Excellence Honor Award, as well as a 2008 Excellence in Landscape Architecture Merit Award from the Society for College and University Planning.

Following implementation, Nitsch Engineering worked with UVA on a research project to measure the effectiveness of the stormwater management approach. Click here for more details on that research.

Sustainable Project